2016 Life Goals

Weekday Schedule

  • 645AM wakeup
  • 645 – 715 Coffee, Food, Meditate
  • 715 – 745 take care of kids get them moving
  • 745 leave house or workout
  • 645PM to 700PM – Family Hindi Practice.  Make this part of the bedtime process with the kids after they are done with eating and watching video and before they go back for bedtime.   We can do this anytime on the weekend.
  • 10:15PM – Stop using computers, watching TV, and read or otherwise spin down
  • 10:45PM Sleep


  • Work out four days a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Monday and Wednesday focus on running on the treadmill – get up to a solid hour
  • Friday do the elliptical trainer and some core strength training
  • Saturday do a long run – work up ten to twelve miles or an hour and a half
  • When doing a cardio workout strive for a 155 – 160 BPM rate for an hour
  • Workout as early as possible in the day and enjoy the positive vibes for the rest of the day
  • Take time Sunday morning for a physical exercise activity with my kids.  This could be a hike, bike ride, game outside, a trip to the swimming pool or some other outdoor or exercise activity.  This would give my wifea chance to have a few hours without a child around and would give daddy and kids some bonding time.
  • Maintain weight under 180 lbs. Check your weight weekly. If its over 180 more than two weeks its time to start managing down.
  • Walk to lunch – avoid the car whenever possible
  • Take the stairs but give yourself a break after you run
  • Check my blood pressure once a week and track it on a weekly basis


  • 50% vegan, 45% vegetarian, 5% carnivore
  • Target weight of under 180 pounds.   At the end of any month if a seven day average is over 180 pounds take the time to lose the weight.
  • Eliminate snacks between meals.
  • Take a supplement mix of Omega Three, Vitamin D daily.
  • Be good to my bones – eat enough calcium from bioavailable sources
  • Manage towards a lower salt intake
  • Drink alcohol in moderation and responsibility. Like most things in life the people that get it right tend to strive for a good balance.
  • Hard liquor doesn’t agree with your system anymore because you are, face it, middle age.
  • Beware of heavier beer as they (i) taste wonderful and (ii) are loaded with calories. Keep it two about three pints a week. That seems a good balance of tasty beer, sleep and weight.  Other than that drink wine – you know you like it.
  • If you drink too much it keeps you from sleeping.  If you are going to drink something do it earlier or you will be awake for an hour at 2AM wanting to go back to sleep and feeling tired the entire next day.  As a general rule that doesn’t happen with wine. Also different drinks, different impacts, but lighter drinks tend to be better.


  • A solid double espresso in the morning and then no coffee for the rest of the day seems the right balance. That’s a nice kick in the ass to get moving without making you jittery in the latter half of the day.
  • Give yourself a two diet coke a week budget. I initially cut out all diet coke – see 2015 Life Goals – but it didn’t seem to have the earth shattering positive impact that was billed. So I think a little bit of this – as a treat – is okay but otherwise focus on drinking tea.


  • Have a monthly check-in with my wife about the overall family and how we are doing
  • Go on a date with my wifeat least once a month
  • Take a trip at least once a quarter with the family.
  • As a family we are going to work on learning Hindi.  We are going to carve out fifteen minutes to do this every day to do this with a combination of Rossetta Stone, Nana and nani and whatever other games we think of.
  • Use the money you earn more effectively to free up time to spend with the kids. When I am working, work hard. When I am not working focus on quality and depth or relationships.

I used to also publish my professional goals but as those are starting to contain more sensitive corporate strategy I have had to pull them off my blog. Feel free to e-mail me if you want that story.