2003 Life Goals


  • Work out for one hour four days a week in the morning
  • Lose twenty pounds over six months
  • Eat a healthy, limited diet


  • Invest one half hour a day on personal relationship development
  • Plan and define time with friends
  • Get a girlfriend
  • Figure out a way to talk to people on the phone more often


  • Develop a plan to make SSB a great company
  • Collaboratively define an overall strategy for the company
  • Develop long term financial and strategic goals
  • Develop a LBO structure for buying the company


  • Dress sharp for work and play
  • Get a different barber


  • Plan and take a one week executive retreat
  • Engage in kite surfing as a hobby – once every other week
  • Go to the driving range once every other week
  • Play tennis actively
  • Get out of the city


  • Define financial plan for SSB buyout (NFB, David + Investors, LBO)
  • Place cash equivalent investments into more aggressive position


  • Engage with business interest and support groups
  • Volunteer with an organization with whose goals you agree

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