2004 Life Goals


  • Work out for one hour five days a week
  • Lose twenty five pounds over six months
  • Eat a healthy, limited diet
  • Relationships

    • Invest one half hour a day on personal relationship development
    • Actively engage friends in activities and outings
    • Categorize and manage network
    • Find and develop more romantic prospects


    • Define a roadmap for exiting SSB Technologies
    • Read further about current prospects in science and technology
    • Refine management practices in place at SSB


    • Focus on appearance for both work and leisure
    • Invest in appearance on all fronts
      • More and better clothes for work
      • “Sharp” dressing at home


    • Take a few days up in the mountains
    • Relax at Jon LaCour’s wedding
    • Plan a week long vacation for the second quarter


    • Limit current costs and maintain cash flow
    • Move investments into more aggressive position
    • Define financial plan for transition

    Living Habits

    • Develop social activities outside of the house
      • Kite surfing season
      • Social involvement / volunteerism
    • Spend less time watching TV

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