2015 Life Goals

Weekday Schedule

  • 645AM wakeup
  • 645 – 715 Coffee, Food, Meditate
  • 715 – 745 take care of kids get them moving, get out of the house
  • 730 leave house
  • Workout M,W,F
  • 645 to 700 – Family Hindi Practice.  Make this part of the bedtime process with the kids after they are done with eating and watching video and before they go back for bedtime.   We can do this anytime on the weekend.
  • 1015 to 10:45 Stop using computers, watching TV, and read or otherwise spin down
  • 10:45 Sleep


  • Work out four days a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Workout focus is running or other cardio and core strengthening via rowing – 50 mins cardio, 10 mins core.
  • Get to a point where I can run at 8 MPH for an hour
  • Run as early as possible in the day and enjoy the positive vibes for the rest of the day
  • Take time Sunday morning for a physical exercise activity with my kids.  This could be a hike, bike ride, game outside, a trip to the swimming pool or some other outdoor or exercise activity.  This would give my wifea chance to have a few hours without a child around and would give daddy and kids some bonding time.
  • Maintain weight under 180 lbs.  I lost a lot of weight about six years ago prior to getting married.  Since then I have continued to lose weight and for the last few years I have kept my weight to around 180 lbs.  This is still, however, slightly into the overweight territory for BMI and I have always wanted to slim down a little further.  With my workout approach keeping it under 180 pounds should be fine.
  • Walk to lunch – avoid the car whenever possible
  • Take the stairs


  • 50% vegan, 45% vegetarian, 5% carnivore
  • Target weight of under 180 pounds.   At the end of any month if a seven day average is over 180 pounds take the time to lose the weight.
  • Focus on a principally vegan diet (50%) with the balance being vegetarian (45%) and whatever (5%).   Eat meat about once a week.
  • Eliminate snacks between meals.
  • Take a supplement mix of Omega Three, Vitamin D daily.
  • Be good to my bones – eat enough calcium from bioavailable sources


  • Figure out the correct amount of caffeine to have on a daily basis and then don’t exceed it.   Be proactive in only consuming that much caffeine.   Swap out diet coke for ice tea at lunch.
  • You can keep drinking diet coke – just not too much. Last year I made a resolution to eat more natural, less processed foods.  Overall this resolution was successful and my diet in 2012 consisted of more whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables.  My one vice for processed food, however, remains Diet Coke and I still drink a 20oz diet coke a day most working days of the week.  To that end, if this is one of my limited vices I think I am okay – I just want to keep it to a 20oz diet coke and not drink a 40oz diet coke.
  • Drink a iced doppio in the morning and then not again.  There seem to be mild health benefits associated with drinking several cups of coffee throughout the day.  However, since I have a slight caffeine sensitivity drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and then not again seems like a good strategy.


  • Be responsible – that’s real the rule.
  • Keep it between two and four. Two drinks on home days, three drinks on social days, four drinks on party days.
  • Don’t mix alcohol with any prescription drug. Be very careful with anything else.   Lorazepam or Clonopin as these can have serious cross reactions and potentiate the alcohol.  Don’t use this with alcohol or anywhere near alcohol.
  • Have fun!
  • Hard liquor doesn’t agree with your system anymore because you are, face it, middle age. If you decide to have a cocktail you are deciding not to sleep well that night.  Just don’t do it.
  • Drink the same amount more often – a few drinks several times a week – moderate daily drinking has a positive health benefit.  While I have drastically decreased the overall amount I drink over the last few years – welcome to your thirties – I still tend to drink nothing during the early part of the week and then most of what I drink in the latter part of the week.  Instead, I want to drink a regular, daily amount of wine or other alcoholic beverage.
  • Beware of heavier beer as they taste wonderful and make you fat. Keep it two about three pints of beer or two bombers – a week to keep sleep and weight gain relatively in control.   Other than that drink wine – you know you like it.
  • If you drink too much it keeps you from sleeping.  If you are going to drink something do it earlier or you will be awake for an hour at 2AM wanting to go back to sleep and feeling tired the entire next day.  As a general rule that doesn’t happen with wine.


  • Have a monthly check-in with my wife about the overall family and how I am doing in 2015
  • Go on a date with my wifeat least once a month.
  • Take a trip at least once a quarter with the family.
  • As a family we are going to work on learning Hindi.  We are going to carve out fifteen minutes to do this every day to do this with a combination of Rossetta Stone, Nana and nani and whatever other games we think of.


  • Execute the plan for 2015.
  • Exceed 10M in revenue run for the year get to a 12M run rate.
  • Exceed 12M in sales run for the year, get to a 16M run rate
  • Invest in SSB’s position as lead software and services provider in accessibility market.
  • Focus on moving the company to a product footing from a services footing
  • Keep skills sharp in core technical areas and domains
  • Research lateral markets (content quality, validation, privacy) that would complement the core of what we do in accessibility