2012 Goals Accounting – How did I do in 2012?

This is an update on my 2012 Life Goals post  that defined the goals I had for the year.  This post is meant to review the goals, see where I did well and see where I have room for improvement.


  • Work out five days a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Success.  I worked out five days a week for the entire year and kept the schedule above.  For 2013 I am thinking of removing one of the weekend days and keeping things spaced out a little more.
  • Maintain weight under 180 lbs.  Failure.   I kept my weight just over 180 lbs and probably averaged about 182 lbs over the course of the year.  For 2013 I am planning to drop another ten pounds and have an average weight around 170 pounds – getting me lower into the BMI target I should have.


  • Eat a diet of less refined items including, sadly, Diet Coke and focus on more natural items.  Success.  Overall I think I did a good job of this and keep removing refined things from my diet.   My one vice on this front, however, remains Diet Coke and I still drink a 20oz diet coke a day.
  • Take fewer drugs and over the counter medicines – focus on the few items that have real benefit. Success.  I removed all regular prescription drugs from my diet and cut back on the number of over the counter medicines I use on a regular basis.
  • Make sure I get enough healthy fats in the form of fish or supplements.  Failure.  While is definitely am taking Omega Three fats, probitoics and Vitamin D I don’t do so on a regular basis.   I would consider this one a success in 2013 if I can incorporate it into my daily diet and lifestyle.
  • Be good to my bones– Get enough calcium and vitamin D and drink less soda.  Failure.   As noted above I still drink a fair amount of soda and don’t get enough Vitamin D in my diet.
  • Drink the same amount more often – a few drinks several times a week – moderate daily drinking has a positive health benefit.  Failure.  I still tend to drink nothing during the early part of the week and then more in the latter part of the week / weekend.


  • Take a picture of baby girl everyday.  Success. While I don’t think we took a picture exactly, every day we did keep the camera around and, I am sure, generated far more then 365 photos of the baby over the course of the year.
  • Develop at least one family hobby.   Failure.  This is something we need to develop in 2013.  While my 18 month daughter doesn’t really care about hobbies – she just wants to play – it would be great to have some activities that are fun for everybody.
  • Go on a date with my wife at least once a month.  Failure.  While we did manage to go out a good bit our date night definitely was co-opted by work activities and various different double dates.   This is an area where I, personally, need  to be more active in 2013 in terms of planning and executing dates.
  • Take a trip at least once a quarter with the family.  Success.  We took a lot of family trips in 2012 including the Disney Cruise, Ohio, California, Canada, Princeton, California, Shenandoah Valley and Austin.


  • Execute the plan for 2012.  Success.  Overall we executed our core plan for 2012 and the company continued to grow on plan.  In addition, the last two quarters of the year showed huge sales increases and, if indicative of future events, foreshadow a strong 2013.
  • Hit 6M in revenue run rate before the fourth quarter of the year.  Failure.  Overall good progression against plan and growth throughout the year.  In fourth quarter we missed the 6M run rate by 20K.  However, we would have handily beaten that run rate in the fourth quarter except for a GAO protest of a core contract.  The protest we have no control over and it knocked off 260K of revenue from the quarter.  So while this one is a failure I am pleading extenuating circumstances and not incompetence.
  • Secure SSB’s position as lead software and services provider in accessibility market. Failure.  We have still not full positioned the company as “the” leader in the accessibility solutions space.  The overall strategy and activties for doing this, however, are certainly well in hand.
  • Grow laterally into development services market and prepare for movement into secondary compliance domains – SEO as a primary starting point.  Success.  For the first part, success for a different reason, however, which is that we decided that moving into the development services market is not what we want to do with the business.  Instead we really only want to focus on providing engineering services targeted at solving accessibility development problems.  As to the second with the completion of the underlying architecture and scale changes to AMP we are in a compelling position to move into other markets – an activity earmarked for marterial exploration in 2013. 
  • Define an M&A plan to complement the organic growth plan.  Failure.  Currently we have no well defined or structured M&A plan for the company.

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